Outside Ski Pressure – The Key to Mastering Skiing

Skiing Dynamics: Mastering Turns with Full Pressure on the Outside Ski

When it comes to making turns in skiing, a lot rides on how you engage your outside ski. It’s less about finesse and more about assertive action. Think of it this way: if there’s an apple under your outside ski during a turn, your goal is to completely crush it. This approach helps in understanding the level of force needed to execute a powerful and effective turn.


Engage the Outside Ski for Turning: The Apple Crushing Technique

Turning in skiing isn’t just about direction; it’s about control and power. When you’re set to turn, the outside ski is your main tool. Here’s how you do it:


  • Firm Downward Pressure: As you prepare to turn, focus on the outside ski. For a right turn, it’s your left ski. Imagine that apple beneath it. Now, press down firmly and decisively, as if you aim to crush that apple completely. This isn’t a gentle press; it’s a strong, vertical force.


  • Tilt and Guide: While exerting this pressure, simultaneously tilt your feet in the direction you want to turn (right, in this case). It’s a combination of strong downward pressure and directional steering.


  • Full Engagement: Feel the full engagement of your ski against the snow. This robust pressure is key to making effective, sharp turns. It keeps your ski grounded and responsive to your steering.


Key Points to Remember:

  • Apply a strong, vertical downward force on the outside ski. It’s about exerting enough power to metaphorically 'crush an apple’.


  • This method offers better control and stability, particularly in making sharper and more defined turns.


  • Practice is essential. The more you ski, the more natural and instinctive this action will become.


With this 'apple crushing’ technique in mind, you’re ready to tackle those turns with more power and confidence. Remember, it’s about robust action and control. Hit the slopes and feel the difference in your turns – crush those metaphorical apples and enjoy the ride!


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